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Technology assisted support solutions for the corporate legal departments and law firms, customized uniquely for each of our clients.

Welcome to Legacore

We are the next-generation Global Legal Support Services Company, delivering Medico-legal and Secretarial/Administrative services. Our services offering is designed to help our clients reduce costs maximize efficiency and leverage the skills of our specialist teams.

Who we are

A leading edge Legal Support Service Providers focussed on providing you with cost effective, high-quality solutions delivered on time no matter the place or time-zone.

What we do

We make it our responsibility to help you succeed using highly skilled resources supported by state-of-the-art technology without compromising the quality of our services. .

How we work

Imagine having an extended team providing effective solutions on time!

Our options are flexible, enabling you to pick the right talent, opt for the right capacity and get your solution delivered on time.

All our members are trained in multiple software systems and can jump right in.




Not all requirements are the same and hence not all services we offer are the same. We treat every client as unique. Though our services span over broad areas of legal outsourcing, we’ll help you develop a solution that is built just for you.



Quality over Quantity. Always

We believe in honouring the commitments we have made and exceeding expectations. Our team believes that quality is the vital aspect for our success. We never compromise on our quality and you can rely on us as you would on your own self.


We are here to help

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What Clients Say?

Read on how is it to hire and work with us.

Director of Practice Support, Pharmaceutical Litigation Firm, NY

“We gave you a mandate to execute the document review project to be completed in 6 months. You got the whole project completed in just 15 weeks. This is simply outstanding. The customer is delighted.”

Director of Practice Support, Pharmaceutical Litigation Firm, NY

Managing Partner, Largest PI Firms in US

“On behalf of the firm I wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of your hard work and dedication in setting up and running on our S/C and B/P application.Your focus on detail and commitment to excellence matches our firm’s philosophy. Keep up the good work”,

Managing Partner, Largest PI Firms in US

Senior Partner, Largest PI firm in IS headquartered in Boston

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all what a pleasure it has been working with you these last few months. Working long distance like this is a first for the firm and I think the experience has been awesome. You have all done an exceptional job with medical records follow-up and lien entries as well as helping us get our Medicare Program off the ground.”

Senior Partner, Largest PI firm in IS headquartered in Boston

Shareholder of a top PI firm in US

“Until we met you, offshore outsourcing did not sound like a viable option and moreover we did not expect anything more than ‘cost savings’ while putting quality and confidentiality at risk. After working with you for 3 months, we are amazed to see how Legacore shattered the negative impression about outsourcing by delivering quality and bringing efficiency while utilizing all 24 hours a day which in turn has enabled us to take in more cases. We would like to have a long-term partnership with Legacore and we believe this will feed our ‘growth engine’. “

Shareholder of a top PI firm in US

We are here to help