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Litigation Support


Legacore offers solutions to support the entire litigation case lifecycle. We execute our litigation coding projects with a mindset that every single document may have some vital information that clients require. We “fetch” information out of the documents to create a useful knowledge base which can be easily used resulting in time and cost savings. Document coding is one of the key areas in which Legacore proudly excels. We have gained expertise in locating useful and critical information out of a wide variety of legal documents from diverse industries.We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to both online and offline litigation content coding and indexing services.

With Legacore, as the most reliable litigation support services in the USA you can expect high-mquality bibliographic coding that covers all the standard fields, including date, author, recipient, title, and more. We can also help you find key terms, names, and organizations within your documents, and even create summaries based on your criteria. Best of all, our services are both efficient and cost-effective, whether you need online or offline content coding and indexing. So why wait? Contact Legacore today and let us help you streamline your litigation process!

Document Coding


Document Review is a time-consuming and costly aspect of the e-Discovery process. At Legacore, we understand the need for timely and accurate results, which is why we offer exceptional review and coding services. Our team is experienced in working with all major e-Discovery platforms and can manage large teams to accommodate unexpected changes in project size or timelines. With our unique project management systems, we deliver world-class results with consistent quality, helping you meet the demands of today's litigation environment.


  • 1First level review (relevance and privilege)
  • 2 Nuanced review (issues-based)
  • 3Chronologies
  • 4Identification of gaps in disclosure
  • 5 Witness statements
  • 6Evidence packs (collation and bundling)
  • 7 Objective coding for indexing of key information as per client specification
  • 8In-text coding and indexing of information
  • 9Scanning (onshore)
  • 10 Training (coding manual and specifications)
  • 11Logical document unionization
  • 12 Load file creation
  • 13 Web-based coding/online data capture


  • 1 Fast turnaround time with 98% accuracy
  • 2Multi-jurisdictional experience in various sectors and forums
  • 3 Significant cost savings
  • 4 Scalability: A dedicated team customized to the complexity and volume in each case
  • 5Transparency and reporting: Daily and weekly communication on key activities
  • 6High-quality resources with extensive experience
  • 7 A robust, statistics-based QA methodology
  • 8 We can co-ordinate the collection and scanning of paper documents
  • 9Overnight service return for time-sensitive projects(dependent on time zone)
  • 10 Over 5 years’ experience in paper coding projects
  • 11 Our project managers are qualified and experienced attorneys
  • 12Our extensive domain expertise achieves rapid and sustainable cost savings, improves efficiency and minimizes risks