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Medical Summary

Medical Summary/Chronology

A Medical Chronology serves as a concise and informative document detailing a patient's medical treatment. For busy attorneys & law firms managing multiple cases, navigating extensive medical records can be daunting. Our seasoned team specializes in reviewing and analyzing medical records and crafting tailored chronologies to streamline the process.

These chronologies offer attorneys a clear understanding of their client's medical history, including the nature of injuries and treatments received. Moreover, they serve as valuable tool for facilitating pre-suit settlements by providing insurers with comprehensive insights.

What We Do?

We at Legacore, provide high-quality, cost-effective medical summaries that are chronologically arranged, interpreted, categorized, analyzed, and summarised by our medico-legal experts. Medical records may be complicated to understand. Reading, analyzing, and summarising the data is a very tedious & time-consuming process. Assimilating large volumes of medical records into one document and detailing all the key elements of the case is the primary goal of medical summarization. We have vast experience and set high standards in providing flawless medical summaries.


  1. • Early case assessments
  2. • Medical records reorganization
  3. • Annotated medical summary
  4. • SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format summary with a synopsis for injury cases
  5. • Narrative medical summary
  6. • Customised medical summary & SOC analysis for malpractice cases
  7. • Medical Tab Update and Medical Summary in case management tools
  8. • Itemised Medical Billing Summaries
  9. • Privilege log for medical records with redaction of issues relating to privacy & confidentiality.
  10. • Medical summary and analysis of the defendant’s claim
  11. • Medical documentation and research to aid injury/malpractice/tort cases

Benefits of Choosing Legacore’s Medical Chronology Services

  • 1. Time Efficiency: Experience shows a significant decrease, up to 60%, in reviewer time.
  • 2. Enhanced Focus: Attorneys can redirect attention to crucial case elements like proving liability, causation, and damages.
  • 3. Expertise: Our team comprises of skilled/experienced medical reviewers, as well as doctors, nurses & certified medical coders.
  • 4. Precision: Our summaries are meticulously crafted for a comprehensive grasp of all treatment details.
  • 5. Clarity: Customized reports ensure easy comprehension for all involved parties.

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