We provide a wide range of legal support services.

Service Summary

With Legacore, outsourcing your secretarial services is cost effective. No payroll headaches, no need to purchase new equipment, no need for extra desk space, no retraining the turnover of temporary staff.

Legacore is the way to solve a variety of logistical issues at affordable prices. We have been providing Document and Administrative Services support to our clients for over 5 years. We have developed a detailed understanding of the requirements and challenges we may encounter in such cases. Our experience has taught us that when it comes to document and administrative support, clients are satisfied by two things; receiving the finished product on time and accuracy. Our Document Services Team has expertise in producing and amending documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, as well as expertly proofreading and editing documents to check grammar, spelling and consistency.

Administrative Services is more flexible and can provide support to any office environment, for example, assisting HR with the processes for employee exit and joining, or general PA management, booking rooms, sending out invites etc. Administration can be time consuming and repetitive and we are experts in ensuring the processes run smoothly to enable administrative tasks to be completed on time, correctly while also focusing on other critical (client-focused) tasks.

List of Secretarial and Administrative Services Offered

  • Document creation, amendments and comparisons (Word, Excel, PDFs)
  • Audio: transcribing interviews (including multi-speaker recordings) or single author dictations (BigHand, Winscribe, MP3, Xpress Scribe)
  • Electronic filing of documents into Data & Case Management System
  • File and matter lifecycle support from client inception through to file closing and archiving

Benefits of Legacore Secretarial and Administrative Services

  • 24/5 or 24/7 support as required
  • Dedicated, fully-trained, teams who become experts in your particular requirements
  • Dedicated delivery centre allowing scalability, flexibility and a “follow the sun” approach
  • We target a deadline and client satisfaction achievement of >98%
  • Optimize internal resource to focus on higher value or chargeable work
  • Six Sigma lean delivery trained managers to guarantee efficient processes and procedures to optimize your investment