About Us

Legacore Solutions, the next-generation Global Legal Support Services company, delivering Medico-legal and Secretarial/Administrative services.

About Legacore

Legacore is a next generation Legal Support Services company with focus on providing high-quality, cost-effective, and leading-edge legal services & technology to law firms and corporations across North America. Founded by experts from both the legal support industry and the IT industry, we have envisioned the future of legal services with a suite of solutions that maximize performance using good quality resources and expertly designed processes with a focus on catering to global legal industry which require stringent data security compliance.

We aim to be a leading provider of technology assisted support solutions for the corporate legal departments and law firms, tailored as per client requirements and needs.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing you with a good experience with exceptionally personalised cost-effective solutions. With a combination of leading-edge technology and highly skilled people, we aim to establish ourselves as one of the most innovative specialists in the Legal Support Services domain.


We take a lot of pride in the uncompromising emphasis on quality and extensive industry expertise. For all our employees, customer satisfaction, meeting requirements and providing high quality solutions on time are the most important values.



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