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Legacore provides the highest-quality, cost-effective medical summaries, which are chronologically arranged, interpreted, categorised, analysed and summarised by our medico-legal experts. Medical records may be complicated and difficult to understand. Reading, analysing and summarising the claim related data is a very tedious and a time-consuming process. Assimilating large volumes of medical records into one document and detailing all the key elements for the case is the primary goal of medical summarisation. We have vast experience and set high standards in providing flawless medical summaries.


Demand letters are used in many legal claims. They have varied use ranging from cover claims in a landlord-tenant relation to medically related issues. Drafting the right demand letter for the right scenario is crucial. It is in the best interest to seek the assistance of a professional when you need demand letters for your claims.

Legacore specializes in drafting personal injury demand letters and medical malpractice claim demand letters. We provide you with the apt medico-legal outsourcing resources needed to keep your company running smoothly. At Legacore, we have a team of experts to draft demand letters. We draft customized demand letters to suit any individual case. We realize that each personal injury claim and medical malpractice claim is different and, hence, we review the specifics of each case and then draft the demand letter making your letter relevant to the specific circumstances rather than presenting a general template.

Having a good demand letter that clearly states the factual summary, claim for damages, pain, and suffering, and, the demand for a settlement can make all the difference in getting the claim settled positively, without of court, without having to endure a long and exhausting court battle. Our demand letters take into account all the evidence that is on record pertaining to your case and in doing so we ensure that your demand letters are complete and concise to ensure that a prompt and fair settlement as quickly as possible.

Our staffs work to the highest standards, supported by a unique quality assurance process which exceeds the highest international standards. We work for clients in different geographies and sectors and understand the differences in requirements. No matter how large or small the volume of documents, and regardless of how simple or complex the subject matter and review, we can tailor a review team to match the need and carry out the review within a deadline, and to exceptional quality standards.


  • Early case assessments
  • Personal injury claims
  • IP Advisory & Opinion
  • Medical records reorganization
  • Annotated medical summary
  • SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) format
    summary with synopsis
  • Narrative medical summary
  • Customized medical summary for medical malpractice
  • Medical Tab Update and Medical Summary in case
    management tools
  • Itemized medical billing summaries
  • Privilege log for medical records with redaction of issues
    relating to privacy and confidentiality
  • Medical summary and analysis of defendant’s claim
  • Medical documentation and research to aid personal injury


  • Improved processes and efficiencies to decrease deployment
    of doctors, paramedics and medico-legal personnel to
    provide fair and informed synopsis.
  • Skillful deployment of appropriate personnel for knowledge
    management and compliance tasks
  • Efficiently handle any service – be it a large project or a
    short-term assignment.
  • Dedicated team creates an extension of your in-house team
  • Multi-shore capabilities for flexibility with timelines and
    specialized expertise
  • Overnight service return for time-sensitive projects.
  • Technical knowledge and soft skills at your service to ensure
    cultural compatibility and trust when working on critical
  • Knowledgeable in many aspects of global common law
  • Client-dedicated service teams work as an extension of your
    in-house team.
  • Leading medical records summarization services provider.
  • Expert medico-legal professionals with relevant skills and
    experience to produce customized summary.
  • Medical record summarization at an incredible price making
    us one of the most cost-effective service providers.
  • Strict quality standards leading to consistency of data.
  • Maximum data security through secured premises, access
    authentication policies, firewalls, protected networks and
    periodic security reviews.