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Though automatization of legal processes could take over in the coming decades, the law firms will not vanish in the near future. On the other hand, they continue to flourish. A few years prior, the legal industry encountered few challenges that forced attorneys to think different about their legal business. Out of this change emerged the new line of legal service entity, the Alternative Legal Service Provider. The study shows that most of the law firms and business law entities are using ALSP for at least one or other type of service and these numbers seem to increase in the near future merely because of the many advantages it holds with it.

With the application of increasing Artificial Intelligence, it is definitely deemed to multiply in number. Few reasons out of the many could be that the ALSP offers a leveraging point to help and enhance services of legal firms to best suit their needs like, with respect litigation support services or specialized areas in research and legal advice. The ALSPs helps the law firms in lowering its operational budget for high expertise. For law firms cost saving is the important factor in their decision to go for ALSP. It is a very lucrative arena for law firms and other corporate legal entities which are in the initial stages or even who are in the process of expanding their business. It is an opportunity to partner with in legal services more than just being hired to provide services.

Everything said, Legacore Solutions is an emerging ALSP, which is aimed at being the pioneer in providing specialized services to the law firms. It is a bridging element assimilating different processes creating unified, cost effective, speedy, higher valued product with quality and services. Legacore has an efficient work force, which can deliver the services tailored to the needs of the legal firms.